Sunday, 23 June 2013


I went to a store the other day to investigate about iPad-mini, which I'd like to buy before my trip to Japan in October.
This year Japanese Esperantists celebrate the 100th Esperanto Kongreso (Congress). 
I intent to participate it. And I like to have an iPad-mini with me when I go.
A cashier, whom I asked about it, called a young man, and said "he will explain to you."
Tall smiling cute young fellow of about 18, 19 of age, came toward me happily almost hopping.
"Try to sell it to me", I said to him.
He started to explain about it. The size is convenient, the price is not too heigh, etc.
"How one can switch between languages" I said, "I use more than English. Japanese and Esperanto,,,, Do you know what is Esperanto?"
He replied to me indifferently.
I was surprised to see his indifference. I expected his reply rather "No. What is it?"
This young man, intelligent enough to sell computer to an ignorant old person like me, has no curiosity. 
Curiosity may kill a cat, but it gives us a chance to educate ourselves, and maybe to expand our horizon.
Well, my curiosity gave the chance to learn Esperanto, which led to an interesting life. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Obesity is a disease.

Yes, I think it is a disease.
I think it is a mental disease, because they cannot control their desire to eat.
Then how they can be helped? I think the hypnosis is answer.
I am no expert of this field, but I heard many times how good is  hypnosis to cure many problems.
Well, just an idea of mediocre nobody.
You can lough it off, or think seriously about this.